Landed safely…. but in Iceland…

So, heading home for the Holidays seemed to be a no brainer – crash at sis-in-laws contemporary luxe home, presents neatly packed in suitcases – cleverly not wrapped so customs can’t rifle through and delay our hop, skip and jump through arrivals. Then the snow hits the UK and the big freeze manages to shut down not only a country but almost an entire continent.

Luckily a lot of thought had gone into the Holiday packing and of course the Holiday wardrobe. On second thoughts the Hanii Y metallic detail coat had not made the cut but the Bognor fur trimmed parka had. The suede over the knee Chloe boots were sidestepped for more sturdy Ugg fleece lined walking boots and the Jigsaw London cute trilby was stashed in favor of the North Face beanie… in fact, for Iceland, that could be considered the perfect attire. Now if only the UK would re-open…

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