Notes from a Stylist is Currently Craving…Calypso’s Color Palette for Spring

It doesn’t take much to get me over the threshold of a store, it seems to be especially easy if I’ve just been to the cash machine and picked up my lovely Au Pair’s money for the week and all of a sudden it starts burning a hole in my bulging Prada wallet…oops! I’m not a complete repeat offender, but it must be said that today, I did fall off the ‘let’s not spend anything this week’ wagon, much to the detriment of said Au Pair.

So what could have possibly enticed me so evily to stray from the path of righteousness/no spend rule? To be fair, it is the season of the Spring collections hitting the stores, so I’m blaming fashion’s immoral onward march to corrupt us poor spendthrifts.


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