Packing for Pool side glam

This time next week I’ll be swanning pool side in the South of France with some of my gal pals which promises to be utterly divine.

Like any other travel plans, I like to be ahead of the game on the packing front so that I have a bunch of outfits already selected and edited ready to wear, leaving more time for the all important swanning whilst at my luxe destination.

So here’s a bunch of ideas I’ve been toying with today which might get me through the daytime portion of my 3 day break in style.


I’m a complete sucker for Vix bikini’s as well as bright colours for the beach or pool. This Calypso St Barth tie dye and sequin detail dress is the perfect light weight cover up for my bright pink bikini. The dress is from last summer but you can get similar here.


Add on a couple of Chan Luu beaded necklaces and a stack of Sisco Berluti bracelets




and a fedora (you can get similar here or cool Panama hats here) and day 1 of my pool time plan is complete.

For day 2 I’m switching my colour allegiance but still working that hat.


Using a pair of old denim cut off shorts as my base, I’m opting for another Vix bikini (hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?) but throwing on a Theodora & Callum scarf kaftan top. My NY/Southampton buddy Casey introduced me to this brand last summer and it’s great for bright and bold patterned linen-mix cover ups and maxi dresses.


I’m piling on the colour with this Ily Couture necklace, another stack of Sisco Berluti bracelet beads and these awesomely cute Rada embellished flip flops from last season at Calypso. Although similar ones in this post are still available here



 By the time day 3 rolls around, I’ll be so into the ‘brights for summer’ vibe that I may as well stick with it.


I bought a couple of these Glamourpuss NYC cover ups whilst visiting my buddy Jo in Palm Springs last spring break. They have the touch of the Elizabeth Taylors about them…you know lots of bright gawdy colour and flowing flappy bits of fabric…but I’m kind of converted to them as long as I don’t go the whole hog and try working a turban and large diamonds with it too.


For this trip I’ll probably play it simple with (yet another) Vix bikini, these cute Rada gladiators (which, if you’re quick you can snag here on sale at Calypso St Barth) as well as a fringed bracelet – similar here.


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