Sales stack of 6…bracelets & bangles

I’ve been browsing the sales this week, with a view to topping up the already overflowing pile of stuff I’m planning on packing for a girly trip to the South of France next week.

With a bunch of outfits already sorted, it’s time to think about the accessories, which need just the right amount of boho beach vibe to get me through my stay.

So here’s a stack of delicious pieces that are on sale which caught my eye, and might very well make the final edit into my already congested carry on bag.



Sales Stack
1. Jody Candrian brass cuff with double lapis lazuli
2. Alexander McQueen leather wrap-around bracelet
3. Swarovski chain and pearl leather bracelet
4. Vanessa Arizaga blue Las Flores bracelet
5. Joomi Lim pink thread crystal spike bracelet
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs resin & acetate bangles
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