Valentine ready sweaters … stack of 6

 Valentine ready sweaters … you know you want to!

Trust those canny designers to start using the current statement sweater trend to their advantage this Valentine’s day. Whilst I’m not a bah-humbug kind of Valentine gal, it is one of those dates I could take or leave.

You won’t find me booking a table for two at some over-packed, over-priced restaurant, or in fact dashing out to buy a dozen roses, when they’re marked up twice as much in the days leading up to the romantic date. But with a statement sweater from the likes of Markus Lupfer or MSGM… I might be inclined to change my line on the matter.

Let’s face it, the statement sweater is sooo not over. So when I spotted a brace of the little beasties proudly portraying Valentine inspired designs, I figured it was time to embrace the idea much like the ironic Holiday sweater.

It’s time to wear your statement Valentine sweater loud and proud this February. Take a peek at some of the fab offerings in store…


Valentine ready sweaters

1. MSGM sweater

2. Markus Lupfer ‘Pink Smacker Lip’ sequin sweater

3. Love Moschino sequin heart sweater

4. Forever 21 sweater

5. New Look love jumper

6. Chinti & Parker sweater

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