What to wear this weekend…if you happen to be judging on a reality TV show..

It’s got to be a tough call right? With reality TV judges these days being treated like royalty thanks to the Simon Cowell factor, how on earth would you dress given the offer of a spot on a judges panel?

The answer, for this particular friend, is to work her innate New York sassy side. After all, no one messes with a New Yorker, especially when your team’s in the Super Bowl this weekend.

Our mission then, was to find an outfit that screams confidence, nerves of steel and of course the chutzpah required to make or break someones career with all the world watching.

This is just one of the looks we toyed with…am loving Helmut Lang again for spring, and who can resist a pair of Sergio Rossi animal print booties?

Watch this space to see when the show is airing and what she ended up wearing….


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