5 Fashion Faves…The Glove Smackdown

Over the last few seasons the unassuming glove has been playing second fiddle to the skinny belt and the statement collar. Tired of it’s lot in life, this winter the glove is striking back and making a stand for itself.

This means an end to those old wrist warmers accessorising  your freezing fingers. Forget just jamming your frostbitten mits into your pockets. This season it’s time to grab the gauntlet (literaly,) and make a statement with your paws.

There’s all manner of on trend pieces that can suit every style ID and every budget. Here are my top 5.

Bottega Veneta’s in your face leather gold gloves – for their shear bling factor.


Haider Ackermann’s gauntlet gloves – for their dramatic Cruella Deville vibe.


Burberry Porsum’s smack-tastic biker studded gloves. – for their sassy factor.



Karl Donoghue’s fingerless shearling and leather gloves – for when you really do need those fingers for texting.


And finally Jil Sander’s gorgeous mesh gloves – not because they look like they’ll keep you warm in any way, just because…


For where to snag these babies – click below.


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