5 Minutes on Fashion with Jewellery Designer Daniella Draper

5 Minutes on Fashion with Daniella Draper


I first fell in love with jewellery designer Daniella Draper’s collection when I was looking to update my bangles collection for the summer. I had this idea in my head about an armful of lustrous mixed metallics jingling away as I strolled along some breezy beach in The Hamptons in my denim cut-offs and white linen. I love her aesthetic of slightly imperfect designs, so I thought it might also be fun to ask her to have a bash at one of our 5 Minutes on Fashion interviews too.

Daniella Draper – A Messenger from Daniella Draper on Vimeo

Daniella on her work…

How did you get into jewellery design?

I studied an art and design fountain course at De Montfort University in Leicester where Jewellery was one of a few different disciplines we experimented in! I found working with metal came very naturally and so chose to study a three-year degree in jewellery design at Central St. Martins.

Whats your fave part of the job?

My favourite part has to be working with beautiful precious stones. Jewellery is a serious passion of mine so being able to make beautiful pieces is just a dream.


How long does it take you to design a new collection each season?

I don’t tend to design each season, I bring out new pieces when I like. My bespoke items take 8 weeks and a new line which is replicated takes up to 3 to 4 months from the idea to being on the shelf.

What’s the hardest part of running your own business?

With everything comes positives and negatives. The pros far out way the cons, however, there is a lot of pressure on all aspects especially as we are a growing business and in 3 years we have gone from 1 to 4 shops and a team of 2 to a team of 35. However, I have a very solid and supportive unit around me and nothing is ever impossible.

Who’s your icon in jewellery industry?

I love anything vintage from Georg Jenson his designs are so bold and modern; there is something very masculine about them yet they have such an elegant flow. Vintage Cartier for their designs with beautiful precious stones, they are just mouth-wateringly stunning plus their ethos as a brand is very much something I aspire to.


Which aspect of the design process do you find the most fun and which the most challenging?

The initial carving is my favourite and the decision making is the hardest, for example, shoulders no shoulders, loop this big or that big, this way up or that way up!! Thankfully I have a great workshop team so I get plenty of input into this.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Mostly it is spent on my computer conversing with customers on bespoke orders, ordering stock, designing and coordinating with the staff and the stores. I get at least a day at the bench a week.

Other designer’s ….comrades or competition?

A true designer is a comrade.

How do you dress for the day- comfort or style?

Comfort always. Trainers and cashmere.


Daniella on her style…

What’s your personal style quirk?

Tomboy chic, I wear practical comfortable and well-made clothes and often a size too big. I hate tight clothes.

What do you splurge on?

I am a jewellery designer so I like nice things. I always buy quality. However, when it comes to a real splurge it will be on statement pieces like a fantastic overcoat, a great pair of winter boots or a beautiful dress!


Which item do you wish you could have from your mother’s closet?

A vintage Chanel handbag she bought in the early 90’s however my mum is incredibly generous and would let my sister and I borrow anything.

A fashion rule never break?

If it is uncomfortable e.g. too tight, itchy or out of character then I won’t buy it as I know I wouldn’t wear it, even if at the time I think I will, I know realistically I won’t!


Heels or flats?

Flats all the way. I like to be comfortable.

Current street style or Instagram crush?

I love the 70’s vibe going on at the moment. I often have a look at Lucy Williams Instagram but usually for travel. When it comes to style I just go with the classic.

 3 of your fave stores/designers

Isabel Marant because it is so wearable and helps me to look feminine, Gucci because it is so different and I love the details and the colours and Chanel is the dream it is classic and beautifully made.

Lipsticks or ChapStick?

Lipstick occasionally, however, I hit 30 this year so I intend to make more of an effort 🙂

With thanks to Daniella for taking time away from her design empire to do our interview. To find out more about her gorgeous range head here.

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