5 September Gardening Tips with Laetitia Maklouf

5 September Gardening Tips To Try.


I’ve been getting into gardening of late – maybe it’s down to the glorious summer we’ve just had which has drawn me outside, or maybe it’s the empty nesting thing which is kicking in chez nous at the moment. It’s making me realise I’ve got more time on my hands to do all those things I was making big ‘to-do’ lists for when the kids were little. Low and behold – here I am on the other side ready to start that list.


So I was totally thrilled when my lovely friend and gardening journo extraordinaire Laetitia Maklouf agreed to give us some monthly tips on what we should be contemplating out there each month. Not that I’m advocating giving up the day job and spending my days out in the fields brandishing a scythe Poldark style from here on in… but if Aidan Turner is available, please take note I’ve got a dodgy few feet of long grass he can have a go at if he has time. Laetitia is going to be more of the ‘what to tackle in a small window of time’ kind of advice guru as per her amazing blog (which you can catch up on here), so here’s her 5 September gardening tips to try.


Every time September comes around I cuddle it ferociously and declare that it’s my favourite month, and in a way it’s true, there’s something about the release from a long hot summer (or a long not-hot summer) that encourages a monumental sigh of relief – don’t shoot, it’s just the way I am. In the garden, this is the loveliest of months for so many reasons. I’m so delighted that Sara has asked me to share my top five garden joys for this month for your delectation, and you can find plenty more @LaetitiaMaklouf where I attempt (sometimes with success!) to keep on top of the garden in five minutes a day.


What to pick:

Japanese anemones are utterly beauteous in a vase, but you need to be a bit of a fusspot with preparing them. Otherwise, they’ll droop and look sad: Boil a pot of water and plunge those stems into it for a good twenty seconds before arranging.


What to buy:

Obviously, after you’ve bought ALL the bulbs, this is the PERFECT time to order plants and get them growing in the garden, while the soil is still warm and it’s a bit wetter. They’ll put roots down well before any cold snap, and will be established and ready to romp away in the Spring. I’ve just taken delivery of two hydrangeas.


What to see:

Late summer garden inspiration is on hand from the Malvern Autumn Show 29th-30th November where the new Autumn Potager Theatre, hosted by Mark Diacono will be home to many a brilliant demonstration. www.rhs.org


What to grow:

There are a few seed sowing shenanigans you need to take part in right now, rather than waiting for Spring. The easiest and best is to sprinkle Nigella damascena liberally all over the place, sit back and watch the magic happen. A second option would be to prepare some nice, crumbly bits of earth in your flowerbeds and sow some Ammi majus; the perfect filler, whether in a border or in a vase.

What to swoon over:

Really good quality, understated garden lighting can extend the outdoor season – all you need is a fire-pit and some thermals. John Cullen makes the chicest of LED adjustable spots (the Syon) which look divine in a row along a wall, especially paired with climbers. They also make a really beautiful path light (the Hampton) which softly illuminates both hard and soft landscaping.


With thanks to Laetitia for her first fab post. You can find her daily musings over on Insta @LaetitiaMaklouf, or scope out her books available here.

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