Autumn Winter 19 Trend Report

Our Autumn Winter 19 Trend Report is all set to go.

autumn winder 19 trend report - notes from a stylist

Welcome back to the blog after our summer break! If you’ve been reading Notes From a Stylist for some time, you will know that twice a year we take a peek at all the new trends coming our way and try to fathom out our favourites, as well as how to wear them as a regular grown-up. Well it’s early September already and it’s that time of year again, so this week our Autumn Winter 19 Trend report is about ready to drop.

autumn winder 19 trend report - notes from a stylist

Once again we’ve picked out the trends we think are actually do-able… the ones that might be worth a little investment. We’ve skipped the transient stuff. You know the ones… all those fast fashion trends that actually only look good on your daughter and/or you probably remember from the first time around anyway – think Dynasty-style shoulder pads, bucket hats, biker shorts and the like for this year’s ‘don’t-go-there’ choices. Yep, this report is for real-sized people and those of a grown-up disposition. You won’t find crop tops or high waisted scariness here – if you’re anything like me and you have a life which requires actually living with all the flotsam and jetsom that family chucks in along the way, then this trend report is for you.

autumn winder 19 trend report - notes from a stylist

There’s something to delight every fashion palette this season, and if you are already a subscriber to Notes From a Stylist one of these reports will be winging its way to you by the end of the week. If you’re new to the blog and would like to get your mitts on one, then simply sign up on our subscriber’s page here, and we will ensure you receive one pronto.

If you need a little help to figure out what your own personal style is all about, why not try our super easy Style Tribes Quiz which you can find on our Start Here page. It can nail your Style ID in less than 5-minutes and streamline your shopping skills to boot.


P.S. Notes From a Stylist New Posting Schedule


In other news, this year the Notes From a Stylist Blog turns 10 years old, which is a long time in the blogging game. Back in 2009 when I started whilst living in New York, I would never have imagined that my little corner of the web would keep me (and hopefully you) entertained all these years.

As with life in general, things are ever-evolving and it’s time for a change or two. So this September I’ve only gone and done something a little out of the ordinary and enrolled back in college. Let me explain…one part of the blogging journey that I’ve really come to love and develop a passion for is photography. So, although I’ve got 10 years of self-taught photography under my belt, I’ve committed to a year on a photography course at my local college (yes 17-year-old classmates and all… god help me!) which will mean a slight hiatus on the posting schedule on this little baby.


As an empty nester, I’m sure I’m not alone going through that weird transition of ‘what next’ once the kids have flown the coop – although the blog could have quite happily kept me sustained, I had a creative itch that needed to be scratched so photography 101 here I come.

I will still be posting here when possible on fashion finds, lifestyle tips and any noteworthy photography/college adventures but not on such a regular basis. For those signed up to the blog as subscribers, any posts will automatically pop into your inbox – if you haven’t subscribed yet and fancy following along on the next bit of my empty nesting journey you can sign up here.

You can also follow my high jinx on Instagram @notesbyastylist or hop over to Pinterest to see what I’m coveting for the season ahead in terms of fashion picks and home styling.

Once again welcome back to the new season, here’s hoping your back to school shenanigans are going smoothly – I’m off to W.H. Smith to snap up a new pencil case and some highlighters before they’re sold out!



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