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AW17 Trend Report


So another season rolls around and it’s time to take a peek at what might be worth a little investment and what you can safely bypass and pop in the not-for-me bracket. You know the ones… all those fast fashion trends that actually only look good on your daughter and you probably remember from the first time around anyway.



So, twice a year we come up with our seasonal trend report which concentrates on those trends that us older gals can pull off, freeing up your hard earned cash for the stuff that you might actually use.


There’s something to delight every fashion pallette this season, and if you are already a subscriber to the Notes From a Stylist Blog one of these reports will be winging its way to you already. If you’re new to the blog and would like to get your mitts on one, then simply sign up on our subscriber’s page here, and we will ensure you receive one pronto.

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