Custo Barcelona – crazy or cool?

I’m not sure if Custo Dalmau of Custo Barcelona spends his design time smoking funny smelling cigarettes to get his creative mojo geared up, or whether the Ibiza vibe has overcome  him, but there’s clearly something going on in his bonce that normal folk can’t quite fathom.

Judging from his runway show at New York Fashion Week his inspiration is somewhere between Edward Scissorhands meets an Alexander McQueen collection. If Custo was trying to hit a trend, I would respectfully suggest next time just sticking to attempting one or two trends in one collection and not a whole seasons worth. We saw ruffles, feathers, pattern mixing, tie dye, tweeds, furs, lace and feathers and oh so much more.

On the plus side, Custo has been at the helm of this crazy label for 30 years and he keeps coming back for more, so he must be doing something right. Doubtless the new festival/rave generation are gawking at his wares and lining up to snag the lot – when it comes down to it, successful fashion design is all about knowing your market – nice work Custo!

With thanks to the lovely Dawn Mitchell ( for her herculean efforts to get these images for me.

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