Friday Flowers

Friday is my flower buying day. It sets me up for the weekend and makes me smile when I’m busy writing, or churning out another healthy masterpiece of a meal in suitable Jamie Oliver stylie, which is inevitably grunted at by the recipients (who have yet to reach voting age). At which point I look at my lovely fresh flowers, pour myself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, sit back and imagine I’m actually on a yacht in St Tropez.

This week I went for Calla Lillies – they remind me of my wedding and the beautfiul dress my friend Louise Selby made for me all those years ago.




And who can resist a Ranunculu or two just for good measure.




As well as a few Grape Hyacinths, which clearly need a bit of incubating, but once the temperature heats up this weekend as promised, they’ll be off to the races.




All flowers from Lawrence Morris. 


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