Jennifly Green : NY-LONdoner at large…

Here’s a Q&A with a fellow Brit Jennifly Green who lives her New York life to the max…

Born in London but for the last 7 years social media manager/blogger Jennifly has lived in NYC

1.Name your top 3 favorite designers…Stella McCartney, NicolasGhesquiere and Paul Smith

2. What’s your personal style quirk? –  Urban City Chic, minimal and structured

3. What is your “this season’s must have”? – Animal Print Cashmere Scarf and Cashmere Jumper of course

4. What’s your favorite item of clothing? – My electric blue Burberry soft leather biker jacket

5. What do you splurge on? Jeans and a good pair of leather shoes

6. Which item do you wish you could have from your mother’s closet? Her Pearls

7. What’s your most cherished garment? My Burberry electric blue leather jacket

8. A fashion rule you never break? –   I don’t follow rules

9. Wouldn’t be caught dead wearing? Uggs

10. Favorite ‘Go to’ boutique?  –  Intermixx

11. Favorite NY hot spot? SubMercer

12. Top cocktail choice? Bicycle (in French) or its called St. Germain Cocktail

13. Currently obsessing about? Nothing, don’t follow any fashion but I do wish for a Chanel Bag

14. Which item did you last do the ‘cost per wear’ equation on?  That’s a question I really cannot answer since I haven’t really been shopping in a very long time.

For more Jennifly : Check her blog A lifestyle blog about New York based Londoners, and London based New Yorkers, hence the acronym NYLON featuring transatlantic cultural influences that shape our social milieu.

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