Monica Vinader stacking rings to covet

Monica Vinader stacking rings… what’s the scoop?

monica vinader stacking rings

I’ve had a thing about stacking rings for the past season or two but finding the right gathering of said sparkly rings in the right size for my stubby little digits has been a fairly tricky task, until that is, I came across the Monica Vinader stacking rings.

monica vinader stacking ringsIn the stack above I’m wearing the white chalcedony ring, siren diamond small stack ringsiren medium moonstone, siren band. All Monica Vinader.

Thanks to the delights of the varied sizing choice on the Monica Vinader website, even my chunky mitts are able to sport a pile of her dainty stacking rings without necessitating a visit to A&E to take them off – hurrah! What’s not to love?

monica vinader stacking rings

So what’s the stacking ring thing all about? In short, you pile on a bunch of slim rings together as opposed to opting for one big statement ring. The idea being that stacking rings have a bit more of a boho I-just-threw-this-together-because-I’m-artsy kinda vibe, than the in your face cocktail rings of the past few seasons.

monica vinader stacking rings

Stacking rings are also a joy because you can fiddle with their placement to your heart’s content and, therefore, have a mix & match approach to your jewellery wearing. I love the Monica Vinader stacking rings simply because they are dainty enough to get a fair few on your finger without overloading.

monica vinader stacking rings

Stacking rings… what’s out there…?

That said, you can also snag a pretty good stacking ring which has more of an all-in-one concept going on… i.e. it’s one ring with a bunch of different facets. Take a peek below at some of the fun stacking rings in stores for the season ahead.

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