Notes from a Stylist checks out the old Bamboo…

Bamboo Style’s Hand Woven Clutch

Life hasn’t been the same since my my brother in law flashed me the inside label of his custom made city spiv suit, made from Bamboo – yes, I kid you not, a whole city boy suit made out of the stuff and not a leaf in sight.

More recently Designers have been making use of this and other versatile alternative materials. This season we’re not just seeing the same old Gucci bamboo tote handle bags out there – (bleuch – that and monogrammed accesories make me barf), but also accessories and clothing fashioned out of bamboo and other sustainable materials like rosewood, silk coccoon, sea grass and palm leaf. Check out the hand woven clutch (above) by Indonesian based Bamboo Style.

Stella McCartney is even doing her bit offering under garments from bamboo blends and yes, if I were forced to choose a bamboo handled tote I would, but I’d be steering clear of predictable over priced Gucci and throwing my hard earned cash at this cute snake effect tote (phew – another trend ticked) from Milly complete with bamboo handles.



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