Notes from a Stylist is currently craving….Stella McCartney Blazers

There’s not much wrong with a typical Stella McCartney collection and this Spring/Summer is no different. Ok so the fruit patterns were a little scary when they initially jumped out at us from the doldrums of a wintery fashion week – but given the brights and florals our retina’s have since got accustomed to this season, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

So on my wish list this week for my impending weekend in LA is her rose twill Blazer – it’s all I need to get me from JFK to LAX ad back..sadly it’s price tag is a little over the ‘acceptable’ household spend too. My hubs seems to have had the bright idea of flagging up any spend over $500 on our checking account which has led to Notes from a Stylist coming up with more devious and daring ways of purloining this season’s must have garments – all of them legal I hasten to add, but not for publication.

In the flesh the jacket is slightly less pink than I would have liked so it got me to spin into that great fashion blogger talent, searching out Luxe for Less. After a few snoops on the ever helpful Shopstyle, it wasn’t long before my sweaty little palms were clicking away online and snagging the next best thing – a cute rose colored single breasted blazer from UK based Reiss (if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton…). With a little extra spend on shipping and with a fair wind, my travelling ensemble will be good to go this Friday…unless that is I come up with another foolproof travelista outfit in the mean time…

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