Notes from a Stylist: Stats…

In the spirit of rebirth of a New Year, it’s out with the old and in with the new for me. I’ve decided that this year I shall contain my constant social media affliction. That should be no biggy right? Hmmm well, a quick review of my time/activity continuum shows some startling time wasting abilities.

In an effort to turn my haphazard blogging programme into a shipshape fighting machine, I reckon it’s time to bill my time in the manner of a highly professional lawyer type person.


Today for example so far:

Facebook checkins:

  • Early morning perusal of friends overnight activities: 1 = 10 minutes
  • Updates on my own status: 0 = 5 minutes wondering if I’ve got anything witty and intelligent to say
  • Innocent stalking of ex school friends: 2 = 15 minutes – just checking whether they are leading a more glam life than me


  • Perusal of number of likes received for yesterdays posts & wondering if I should reciprocate any: 2 = 5 minutes
  • Scrawling through old photos on iPhone in case any arty pics taken after a few vino’s last night are worthy of Instagram: 10 mins
  • Reviewing new Instagram image ownership rules & figuring out whether to switch to tadaa app: 15 mins


  • Checking out the ‘connect’ section on my Twitter dashboard & responding: 15 minutes
  • Scoping out interesting new folk to follow: 20 minutes
  • Following clicks on Matches Fashion tweets for new sales items: 45 minutes

General digression:

  • Check credit card situation to enable sneaky Matches Fashion purchase: 5 minutes
  • Skip over to J. Crew site to see if they have similar items to Matches Fashion but cheaper: 5 minutes
  • Purchase a cute cashmere polka dot sweater that I don’t really need at J.Crew: 5 minutes
  • Revert to Matches Fashion and complete purchase of awesome 3.1 Phillip Lim sale item: 5 minutes


  • Snooping at my Pinterest feed for inspiration for my day: 2 = 20 minutes
  • Remembering to pin some images from my blog posts to boost cross pollination of visits: 0
  • Rectifying above problem: 5 = 40 minutes


All this and I haven’t even opened my email, or checked my ViewBug page…it’s going to be a slightly unproductive day. Maybe I’ll start my resolution on Monday.







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