Notes from a Stylist heads to Lucky FABB in New York

It’s LuckyFABB week again in New York, and this year I was invited to head to the presigious fashion and beauty blogging conference for the first time; which is kind of ironic since I’ve relocated 3,000 miles away back to London making it a tad trickier to negotiate the commute. Undeterred by the Heathrow to JFK route, as opposed to muscling my way in on the New Haven line to Grand Central with the rest of the bridge and tunnel crowd, an invite is an invite, so I accepted with glee.


One rather luxurious flight to the Big Apple via BA first class later (thanks to fiscally prudent hubs, who thought he was booking me an economy airmiles ticket but messed up ending up booking me first class…nice!) I arrived at the Times Center ready for a full day of intel packed chat.


So yesterday was jammed full of celeb speakers talking up their fashion collaborations. Cue Eva Mendez talking about her upcoming collection with New York and Company, and her delightful impromptu scarf as headscarf teach-in with Eva Chen. As well as Kate Bosworth looking impossibly girl-next-door meets fashion maven in her bang on trend paired down Topshop collab outfit.



Throw in a few top tier bloggers dolling out advice such as…

Bryan Boy; Don’t hand out business cards and stray true to your voice.

Lindsey Calla of SaucieGlossie; Don’t copy-cat other bloggers and stay true to your voice.

Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This; This is how to make the sparkly kitten ears I’m wearing and stay true to your voice.


On the tech side we heard from the awesome Amber Ventz of RewardStyle who threw out nuggets of wisdom like she’d just returned from giving a masterclass at Silicon Valley.


Then there was the networking with other FABB bloggers who have come from far and wide for this event… although come to think of it, I wonder if there is a prize for the furthest distance travelled…?

So onward and upward to today, where I’m heading to the Conde Naste building in Times Square for more high end chat and breakout sessions on anything from SEO to street style photography tips. Oh, and then there’s lunch with Barbie…! These LuckyFABB folk sure know how to entertain a gal.

Tune in later in the week for a report on more antics from the Big Apple.

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