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31Dover summer drinks tips

31Dover summer party drinks tips photograph by Sara Delaney

We recently spent an amazing afternoon at Eltham Palace courtesy of the lovely The White Company, who had also invited award-winning online drinks retailer 31Dover to give us a bit of a teach-in on putting together the perfect summer party drinks choices. What with the Queen’s birthday celebrations going on this weekend, and summer garden parties or street parties breaking out everywhere, these top tips might well come in handy for your event planning.

31Dover summer party drinks tips photograph by Sara Delaney

I don’t know about you, but I’m never very adventurous when it comes to serving drinks at a summer get together, yet it’s the perfect opportunity to have a bit of a bash at something new and according to 31Dover, it’s all about the planning. So whilst mixing up a storm on the cocktail front at the event, they also gave us 5 tips to help you plan the perfect tipples for your guests.

  1. Make it easy – ensuring the host (i.e. you slaving away in the kitchen on the prep and marinading front as opposed to him indoors who can be found at the BBQ accepting all the accolades for simply turning bits of food over) has a good time is key. Pre-prep large-batch cocktails as they are going to be your best friend. Try a Watermelon Rose Sangria – made with rosé wine, vodka, orange liqueur, orange juice and served with ice, strawberries, watermelon chunks, orange wheels and lime wedges in a large glass pitcher ready for pouring.

31Dover summer party drinks tips photograph by Sara Delaney

Better still snap up a pre-mixed cocktail like Mac and WIld’s Bonnie Brae and serve from a lovely The White Company drinks dispenser.

31Dover summer party drinks tips photograph by Sara Delaney


2. Try self-service. A serve yourself gin bar is always a summer garden party winner. If you set it up on a bar cart or on a side table with bowls of gin trimmings it makes for a fun centrepiece too. Choose a few different gins with different flavour profiles as well as traditional juniper-led gins. For garnishes freeze a load of lime and lemon wedges, grapefruit slices and orange peels a day before and then pop them out for guests to help themselves.

3. Choose your colour… when it comes to wines keep it simple. Fewer people opt for red wine when it’s warm and if cocktails are on offer, fewer still will opt for wine at all. 31Dover recommend serving a set of complementary wines like the ones from Maison Williams Chase.



4. Serve a surprise. Be sure to serve something a little bit interesting and unique, but don’t bring it out until there is a slight lull. Look for new releases in tequilas and whiskies or re-discover a craft rum – a traditional summer holiday fave.

5. Don’t forget the non-drinkers. 31Dover suggest Seedlip which is the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic drink and made in a similar manner to gin with botanicals. Non-drinkers can mix with tonic or lime and soda to join the theatrics of the gin bar.

31Dover summer party drinks advice photographed by Sara Delaney

With thanks to The White Company for the lovely afternoon and 31Dover for the awesome tipple tips.

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