The Louis Vuitton gift for the girl who has everything…

I know there are a fair few ladies here in Stepford who want for nothing and would yawn at the sight of last seasons bag, but here’s a little idea for that gal who has it all yet still likes a designer tag to sooth her troubled brow…

London artist Billie Achilleos has just been commissioned by Louis Vuitton to create 4 ‘creatures’ out of various small leather goods pieces from their line. The artist used wallets, coin purses, belts and leather goods to assemble a bear, an iguana, an aardvark and a caterpillar to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the LV Savoir Faire Collection.

Interesting to note that the items used were about all I can manage to afford from any Louis Vuitton collection, so the ‘recycling for arts sake’ won’t be a creative direction I’ll ever be going in if said LV items should come into my posession this Mothers Day…

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