Trench coat testing

Trench coat testing

trench coat

With a week of rain forecast and a pile of meetings to head to in London, this week my outfit choices are totally geared towards the waterproof and warm, so what better item to pick than the classic trench coat for the job in hand. Luckily the humble trench coat has come a long way since its original incarnation as a military style raincoat, these days you can nab one with all sorts of details and tweaks at varying price ranges thanks to high street brands stepping up to the plate and designing their own.

trench coat

Trench coat…how to wear it

There are a few tricks of the trade to think about when choosing a trench coat, and they’re mostly to do with body shape. The classic trench was always double-breasted and belted – whilst this might cinch in the waist a little if you aren’t blessed with a defined waistline and are on the petite side (like me) then the double-breasted lark is not for you. You need to opt for single breasted and the fewer button details the better – that’s why I love this J.Crew zip front trench – perfect for creating longer lean lines where there weren’t any to begin with. Check out our tips and tricks page on dressing for your body shape¬†here.

If you are lucky enough to have some curves, then look for belting to accentuate that waist. When thinking about button details (especially on the top half) – opt for more if you want to draw attention to your chest, or less if you’d rather play it down.

Style wise, the coat you will end up being more comfortable in will be the one which suits your style personality. Why not try out our Style Tribes quiz at the bottom of this post to check which Style Tribe you belong to.

Trench coat… what’s in store?

If you’re wondering how much wear you are going to get out of a classic nude trench as the winter approaches, why not check out some of the many colours this little cutie is available in, A neutral navy would work brilliantly this season for a chic option, or if you’d rather grab something with a pop of colour, try this season’s mustards or cobalt blue hues.

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