Wednesday’s Wishlist…Moda Operandi’s Trunk Show Treasures

If, like me,  you’re currently craving all that yummy stuff from the Spring/Summer 13 collections, but still have to muddle through winter, you might be pleased to take a peek at Moda Operandi – a new take on the trunk show.

Instead of waddling over to some high end store for an old fashioned trunk show luncheon, dressed up to the nines in your posh frock, you can now check out the collections from the comfort of your own home. Imagine – you can even snoop at the stuff dressed in your sweats – fashion rule breaking gone mad.

Here’s the gig – you sign up at, snoop at the shows (which pop up daily), and then snag whatever you fancy from next season. You pay a deposit as you check out, followed by the remainder of the payment when the item is shipped to you. It’s layaway with a twist.

On a rainy afternoon it’s also delightful to transport yourself into next spring by the magic of these teccie trunk shows.

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