Five Minutes on Fashion with Neom Founder Nicola Elliott.

Neom founder Nicola Elliott talks business and fashion.


I’ve had a bit of a thing about Neom for the past few years which started way back when I was putting together my Wimbledon Shopping Guide and had popped into their store to find out more about their products. Fast forward to today and I can put my hand up and say I’m well and truly addicted. So when I met Neom Founder Nicola Elliott recently at a press event, I couldn’t wait to find out more about her journey and the amazing story behind her wellness empire. Thankfully she didn’t peg me as a stalker and kindly agreed to do one of our fun interviews – five minutes on fashion.


Nicola on her business…


How did you get started in the wellbeing industry?

By accident – I started suffering from anxiety and blending essential oils to help myself! I blended some killer scents that really helped me and thought they might help others.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Anything creative – and any part of developing the products – I’m less good with adding up!


How long does it take you to create a new range?

Anything from 6 months to 3 years – in fact, I have a few ideas that I’ve been working on for longer… real breakthrough products take hundreds of iterations to get right, and we always test on hundreds of customers – if they don’t like something we go back to the drawing board.

What’s the hardest part of running your own business?

The fast growth and how much it changes every year… what suits one year can be totally different the year after when you’re twice the size.

Who’s your icon in your industry?

My team are all my icons because what we are doing is so new – we copy no one – we are future thinking, and that’s very rare, so I’m proud of them all for that.

Which aspect of your business do you find the most fun and which most challenging?

I love anything creative, but I’m challenged on numbers I’m afraid, that’s why I have a business partner Oliver who is great at all the stuff I’m not so good at.


What’s a typical day like for you?

There’s no typical day! But I do achieve a hell of a lot every day. I may be designing products, writing campaigns, training, working through windows, talking to the press, filming… the list goes on

Other wellbeing brands… comrades or competition?


How do you dress for the day – comfort or style?

Somewhere in the middle

If you had a ‘Dream Journal’ what would one of your top dreams be for the year ahead?

That our new Guildford store launches with the bang I’m hoping – it’s incredible – 3 floors of well-being inspiration.

Nicola on her personal style…


What’s your personal style quirk?

Pattern and colour.

What do you splurge on?

Handbags and coats.

Which item do you wish you could have from your mother’s closet?

Her jewellery.

A fashion rule you never break?

Don’t get legs or boobs out these days I’m afraid!

Heels or flats?

Flats mainly – heels at night only when I can get a cab

Current street style fave or Instagram crush?

Fashion Bug Blog

3 of your favourite stores/designers?

Lanvin for clothes (I wish – but you can get a deal in Biscester!) Graham & Green and Molly Mahon for home (doing mine up and love these ).


With huge thanks to Nicola for taking time out of her busy schedule to do our interview.

The new Guildford store opens this month, and the lovely team at Neom are offering Notes From a Stylist readers a neat deal – if you spend £60 you can receive a curated selection of wellbeing On the Go Products in your chosen wellbeing need; sleep, de-stress, energy or happiness, worth £32. Just mention Notes From a Stylist at the checkout for your treat. To keep in the loop on the opening you can follow this link to sign up for Guildford Store Opening News.

Finally, in other news, I’m heading off grid for a while. With my big Himalayas trek starting this week, and my bag suitably packed with enough Neom sleep product to ensure I can survive my nights under canvas, you might not catch much news on the blog front. I will, however, be popping all my exploits on Instagram so if you’d like to follow along head on over to @notesbyastylist.


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